The International Ocean Model Benchmarking (IOMB) Package

The International Ocean Model Benchmarking (IOMB) Package is used to evaluate marine biogeochemistry models through comparisons with observations. IOMB provides a variety of in-depth diagnostics of marine biogeochmical model variables on annual and inter-annual time scales. It compares a growing number of variables with site-based, transect, regional, and global observational data sets, and scores model performance based on a combination of bias, RMSE, and seasonal cycle metrics. IOMB is useful for detailed exploration of ocean biogeochemical model responses and provides an interactive interface designed to enable the user to more rapidly understand the underlying drivers of those responses. IOMB was first applied to evaluate uncertainties associated with marine aerosol precursors (Ogunro et al., 2018).

IOMB uses the same code base as the International Land Model Benchmarking (ILAMB) Package, so some of the links below refer to ILAMB instead of IOMB.

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